“Unemployed people’s daily lives,” former idol update SNS after private life controversy

Kim Jung-hoon, a former member of the group UN, posted his recent status on SNS.

On November 3rd, Kim Jung-hoon posted on his Instagram the caption, “Unemployed people’s daily lives ㅠㅠ” along with a short video.

At the beginning of the video, he is immersed in something while watching it. The camera was then reflected on a computer monitor to show that he was concentrating on a game. Although he has already entered his 40s, he still impressed fans with his handsome visuals.

Kim Jung-hoon
Kim Jung-hoon

Meanwhile, Kim Jung-hoon was embroiled in controversy over privacy issues related to his ex-girlfriend in 2019. Since then, he has virtually suspended his activities, and recently opened a personal YouTube channel to communicate with fans.

Kim Jung-hoon

In February 2019, Kim Jung-hoon was embroiled in controversy over privacy issues related to his ex-girlfriend. According to his ex-girlfriend, when Kim Jung-hoon found out that she was pregnant at the time of dating, he recommended her to get an abortion and promised to find her a house, but then he cut contact without paying a rental deposit, causing a stir. 

At the time, the agency said, “Kim Jung-hoon heard the news of the woman’s pregnancy through an acquaintance and conveyed to the woman several times that he would take full responsibility for all aspects of parenting if the pregnant child was identified as his child. However, due to differences in opinions between the two, smooth conversations did not take place.”

Kim Jung-hoon

The impact of the scandal was great because Kim Jung-hoon appeared on TV Chosun’s romantic reality program “Taste of Love” and captivated viewers with a realistic love story. In addition, the public felt greatly betrayed because he was a graduate of Seoul National University’s Dental School and had a high affinity for his elite image and good looks. 

Fortunately, the controversy ended when A posted a letter of claim withdrawal. Kim Jung-hoon announced in August 2019 that he would self-reflect through volunteer work and donation activities, and held a fan meeting in Japan in January last year, carefully signaling his return. 

Kim Jung-hoon

Kim Jung-hoon said, “I had a birthday-party fan meeting and live broadcast in Tokyo on January 7, 2020, and I was nervous because so many people and many entertainment officials came, but it ended well,” adding, “I’m preparing for various activities this year, and thank you so much for supporting me.” 

However, the idol has been restraining his activities due to the current pandemic. In August, he posted updates after six months of hiatus and said, “I’ll lose weight soon and upload it. The pandemic makes me gain weight. ㅜㅜ,” expressing his willingness to return to fans.

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