Undisclosed photos of other idols released by a BTS’s fansite to celebrate April Fool’s Day

Crescendo, a fansite of BTS, has prepared an event that surprised idol fans on April Fool’s Day.

Usually, masternims act to change their profiles or IDs as if they were other masternims on April Fool’s Day and post B-cut photos of other idols taken by them to celebrate.

The class of Crescendo was beyond imagination. She changed the account name to ‘Idolcheodori’ and then posted some pictures that she hadn’t released before.

There were many different kinds of pictures. There were a variety of idols like Wanna One, Red Velvet, BLACK PINK, Girls’ Generation, IZ*ONE, ASTRO, PRISTIN, SEVENTEEN, TWICE, Sunmi, IU and Suzy.

Every time she posted a picture, she would added in some caption like “This is another idol who I enjoy watching daily“, and “So pretty“, “I wish they would come back soon” which warmed the hearts of many fans from different fandoms.

The quality was significant. Comparing to other masternims, she impressed netizens with her love-filled corrections and editing. Let’s take a look at her pictures.

Source: Dispatch

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