Underwear over pants… Red Velvet Joy shows a shocking exposure

As expected, Joy’s innocent yet sexy charm is the “top” among female singers.

Red Velvet Joy revealed her unconventional exposure fashion.

On March 28th, Joy posted the short message “calvinklein♥” on Instagram. She also shared several photos of her wearing a T-shirt and jeans.

In the pictures, Joy was wearing a fashion that looked perhaps normal. However, there was a “sexy twist” that surprised people.

A part of Joy‘s underwear was exposed over her jeans. Joy unbuttoned her jeans and made a bold pose to catch everyone’s eye. She gave off a sexy vibe by making captivating expressions towards the camera.

The photos Joy released were pictorials for the fashion brand Calvin Klein.

Netizens admired Joy‘s unconventional exposure photos by leaving comments such as “Sexy dynamite”, “So pretty” and “Too perfect.” One Instagram user was so envious that she said “I hate Crush. I hate him”, making everyone smile.

Red Velvet Joy

Born in 1996, Joy is a sub vocalist and lead rapper in the girl group Red Velvet. Her real name is Park Soo-young. She is currently in a public relationship with singer Crush (Shin Hyo-seob). According to her profile, she is 167 cm tall. Red Velvet, to which Joy belongs, is continuing its popular march with its new song “Feel My Rhythm“.

Below are 5 unconventional exposure photos Joy posted on Instagram

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