Tzuyu’s ‘inconsistent’ bare face gets mixed reactions

Sparse eyebrows and darker skin complexion are the disadvantages of Tzuyu (Twice) every time she takes off her makeup.

On August 17, Tzuyu (TWICE) caught attention when posting two bare-faced selfies on Bubble – an application where she interacts with fans.

twice tzuyu instagram
The female idol is complimented for her graceful facial features even without the support of makeup. Fans left comments that with bare face, Tzuyu looks much younger than her usual sparkly look on stage every time she performs with Twice.
twice tzuyu
The female idol often posts photos with no filters, not trying to highlight her outfits or makeup.
Tzuyu instagram
Tzuyu is also confident to show off her bare face many times at the airport.
Her bare face highlights Tzuyu’s innocent look and makes her look like a high school girl
However, she has also received some negative comments because her bare face looks too pale sometimes, the selfie angle she chose did not help either.
Twice Tzuyu
Not having sharp eyebrows is a disadvantage that sometimes causes the female idol to have unimpressive bare-faced looks.
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