Tzuyu (TWICE) didn’t even cry after winning Daesang but bursted into tears when teased by a staff

After discovering this moment, netizens didn’t tease Tzuyu and even praised her and called her an angel.

Recently, the topic of “The funny similarity between the youngests of JYP’s girlgroups” once again became a hot topic after Yuna (ITZY) continued the tradition of Sohee (Wonder Girls), Suzy (Miss A) and Tzuyu (TWICE) after winning the trophy at weekly music show.

Specifically, all 4 female idols chose to give a big smile to celebrate their 1st win of their career which is totally different from their older members who were crying hard.

Through that, some have discovered a interesting story of Tzuyu. The Taiwanese idol is the youngest of TWICE, the girlgroup who has been winning Daesangs every year ever since the debut ‘til now. However, fans have never seen Tzuyu cried at any receiving speech. Many fans have joked that maybe this prestigious award is like any other weekly music shows’ trophies to Tzuyu because she had tried so hard for it that she believed she will win and wasn’t that much emotional hearing the result.

However, not crying doesn’t mean Tzuyu is a cold-hearted girl. Actually, she once couldn’t stop her tear after being teased by a staff from JYP. This happened during TWICE’s filming for “Signal” MV.

Tzuyu is known to be an animal lover, and she was curious about what the staff will do to the rabbit, which was in the MV, after its scene was done. Surprisingly, the staff said that they would leave the rabbit here at Jeju Island (where they were filming) and let it survive by itself.

The TWICE’s youngest didn’t know that was a joke. She bursted out into tears, worried by the rabbit’s safety. This is one of the rare chance fans can see her bursted into emotions. The young girl is strong enough to smile even after enormous success but couldn’t hold her tear because of a small rabbit.

After the story was shared on Pann, netizens continuously praise Tzuyu’s kind heart and compassion. Some even describe Tzuyu as a wingless angel.

Source: tinnhac

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