TXT member’s revelation about Jungkook (BTS) excited netizens: “Jungkook hyung is a very mature and warm person”

The interaction between BTS and TXT continues to make Knets excited because of its cuteness and warmth, most notably the story shared by Taehyun about ‘Jungkook hyung’.

Jungkook (BTS) is famous for the nickname ‘golden maknae’ of Kpop.  The members of the group always take care of and pamper Jungkook, and fans and netizens always think that the male idol is still very young.  That’s why when TXT appeared and all the members were younger than BTS, Jungkook automatically became the big Hyung and this made many people very excited.

All BTS members care for their juniors and often give useful advice.  However, netizens always find the interaction between Jungkook and TXT members the cutest because they can call him ‘Jungkook hyung’.  Recently, a similar story shared by member Taehyun (TXT) has become a hot topic on Korean online forums.

Recently, Taehyun had a live session to chat with fans.  In it, the male idol shared a small but very warm story about ‘Jungkook hyung’.  Taehyun had the opportunity to practice work-out with Jungkook and since then he has been helped by his senior, whom he idolizes.

Taehyun recalled, “Recently I went to the gym with Jungkook hyung, but we each have our own exercises.  However, after that, we ended the practice at the same time so we took the elevator out together to go to the parking lot.

While chatting with each other, Taehyun told Jungkook about his practice without specialized gloves: “Because I don’t have specialized gloves when practicing, I asked him: ‘Hyung, do you have a spare set of gloves?’ and he said he would bring them to me the next day.

And the next day when Taehyun came to the practice room, he was surprised to see Jungkook not only remembering his promise but more than that.  Taehyun recalled, “The next day, I saw that he had 3 sets of training gloves ready for me.  He even put a note with the name ‘Jungkook’ on it. Very sweet.”

Taehyun shared that he was very touched by Jungkook hyung’s thoughtfulness, “He still remembered that word and brought it for them to me the next day. So I have more motivation to work harder.  Then when I had the opportunity to meet again, I told him that I was using those gloves very well and thanked him.”

After hearing this story, many BTS and TXT fans were amused by the cuteness and understood why Taehyun was so touched.  Accordingly, Taehyun has always been Jungkook’s fanboy since before his debut. Once, RM (BTS) even shared that TXT’s KakaoTalk history had more than 10 photos of Jungkook.  And after a period of striving, now Taehyun is not only in the same company but also has the opportunity to meet, practice and be treated very kindly by his own bias.

Meanwhile, Korean netizens also, because of this story, once again remembered that ‘Ah, it’s true that Jungkook is hyung now’.  They said that Jungkook is really delicate because instead of just bringing a set of gloves, he gave Taehyun 3 sets to help him practice better.  Knets commented that it is true that BTS’ Jungkook is still pampered by the hyungs, but when going out, ‘Jungkook hyung’ is very mature and caring.

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