Two plastic surgeons under fire after claiming that it’s not Seo Ye Ji in the graduation photos

In addition to accusations of manipulating her boyfriend, faking education, mistreating staff, Seo Ye Ji is also said to have undergone plastic surgery to become as beautiful as she is now.

After being exposed by Dispatch for manipulating and controlling ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun, Seo Ye Ji continued to be accused of school violence, lying about her education and even stealing money. She is also said to have undergone plastic surgery because she looks so different from her old image.

But in the past, many cosmetic doctors confirmed that the girl in that photo was not Seo Ye Ji, but just a girl with the same name.  In a video on YouTube, two plastic surgeons said, “These are completely different people. The graduation photo does not look like Seo Ye Ji at all. You can’t get this kind of chin through plastic surgery!” Overall, the face, chin, forehead, eyebrows, neck and hair of the girl in the two pictures are also shown by doctors to be completely different.  Because of this affirmation, the doctors suddenly received criticism from the public for being accused of defending Seo Ye Ji.

However, after the controversy, it has been revealed that the graduation photos were of the actress Seo Ye Ji. The actress’s beauty has changed completely and even reached its peak, but in the old photo, the outline of her face can still be seen.  Her former classmate also revealed that Seo Ye Ji started having eyelid surgery in middle school and has continued to undergo plastic surgery when growing up.

Since then, many netizens gathered in various online communities criticizing these surgeons and are questioning their credibility. They commented, “Did you guys get paid by Seo Ye Ji to say she didn’t get plastic surgery? Even ordinary people say the graduation photos look like Seo Ye Ji,” “You confidently said that it’s not Seo Ye Ji and then deleted the video without saying anything lol,” and “They’re the ones who used to shield her saying that the photo was not Seo Ye Ji and now they’re ruined. lol.”

Currently, Seo Ye Ji’s scandal is still a hot topic on social networks.  There appeared a series of conflicting information about the actress’s true personality on the internet, confusing the public.  After the actress confessed to dating Kim Jung Hyun, but denied manipulating the actor, Seo Ye Ji has yet to make any more statement.

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