Two photographers explain why Lisa stood out among everyone they’ve worked with: Lisa’s body is excellent, but her attitude is something worth mentioning

The photographers who took pictures of Lisa shared their real feelings when working with the female idol.

Professional photographers are the ones in charge of taking photos of idol’s and actor’s official events.  And, they are also the ones who understand the artist’s working style and true personality.

On September 18, two photographers Han Man Hee and Bae Gang Woo appeared in a video to share their feelings when working with Lisa (BLACKPINK). This video still attracts great attention because of the true sharing of two photographers about the main dancer of the BLACKPINK – Lisa. Is this girl as great as what the media has posted?

2 professional photographers gave a lot of compliments to the youngest member of BLACKPINK for her  body, beautiful face and the female idol’s charisma. In particular, Lisa’s courteous and friendly attitude had impressed  them. And that is why the maknae of BLACKPINK becomes the most prominent among idols who have worked with these two photographers.

Man Hee, a photographer with 10 years of experience, pointed out Lisa’s perfect overall visuals: “Her body is so well balanced and so are her body proportions. While shooting, I kept thinking she was like a model”.

Gang Woo, a professional with 8 years of experience, revealed that he even got to see BLACKPINK up close while filming their reality show BLACKPINK HOUSE.

With a beautiful face, perfect body and friendly personality, it’s no wonder that Lisa is always the top choice of high-end magazines and brands. Up to now, no one has criticized the attitude of Lisa, but they all praise her for being professional, extremely friendly, courteous and kind.

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