Twitch streamer gathers attention for being a former YG girlgroup center candidate

A female streamer is becoming a hot topic among netizens for being a former YG trainee.

Hannah, who is active on Twitch, is a former YG trainee and majored in dance. She is now a female streamer conducting dance, singing, and game broadcasts. Hannah, who started her first broadcast in March last year, is well known as a fan of G-Dragon. Born in 2000, she’s 23 years old (Korean age) this year. Her innocent appearance also caught the eyes of netizens as she looks beautiful as if she was an actress.

Twitch streamer Hannah

Recently, posts titled “Female streamer who used to be a YG trainee and center candidate” have been shared on various online communities, attracting many netizens’ attention.

Twitch streamer Hannah

Currently, the streamer is preparing to become a dancer after leaving YG. She is receiving love calls from a number of agencies.

Twitch streamer Hannah
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