TWICE’s Tzuyu has the most-watched SCIENTIST fancam despite having the least MV screentime and lines

Tzuyu is the most outstanding member of TWICE on the group’s first comeback stage for SCIENTIST.

TWICE has just returned to the Kpop race with the new title track “SCIENTIST“. Among the members, Tzuyu’s individual fancam records the highest views at the Music Bank comeback stage on November 12.

After more than a day of release, Tzuyu’s fancam hit more than 189,000 views. In the video, Tzuyu wears a tight-fitting outfit, flaunting her tall and attractive figure. The female idol is praised for her pretty, graceful visuals, tiny doll-like face, and toned body.

Tzuyu’s Music Bank fancam 

Tzuyu also receives a positive response for her dancing skills. Although she is not known as the best dancer of TWICE, the viewers find her neat and flexible movements enjoyable and charming. The playful energy of “SCIENTIST” is also successfully conveyed by Tzuyu through her stage presence. 

twice tzuyu
Tzuyu is famous for her pretty face and graceful aura 

However, visuals and dancing are not the only reasons why Tzuyu’s fancam could gain much attention. In SCIENTIST, Tzuyu is the member with the least singing lines. Her part only lasts 12 seconds. Because of the unfair line distribution, many fans of Tzuyu have expressed their frustration with JYP and left many positive comments complimenting and encouraging her. According to fans, Tzuyu is a well-rounded idol with stable live singing, good dancing, excellent visuals, but always gets “ignored” by JYP.

twice tzuyu
Tzuyu still takes the spotlight among TWICE members

Despite not having many singing lines, Tzuyu still stands out in TWICE’s performance. In the MV, Tzuyu is barely noticed due to her lack of screentime, but she is considered one of the most radiant members on stage. 

Some comments:

  • Her performance is amazing even with a few lines. Tzuyu’s visuals make me swoon.
  • I like Tzuyu’s dancing line the most, it’s neat and elegant.
  • Tzuyu deserves better. She is so talented and charming.
  • The more JYP tries to hide Tzuyu, the brighter she shines.
  • Tzuyu is a shining star on stage. JYP, open your eyes and don’t waste her talent!
  • Tzuyu has improved a lot. She is always underestimated. Her vocals are so soothing. Make sure to check out 1, 3, 2.
  • Singing, dancing, visuals, and personality are all perfect. If JYP actually promotes her, imagine how much bigger Tzuyu will be.
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