TWICE’s sister group with Shin Ryujin, Hwang Yeji and Chaeryeong has finished filming their debut MV

TWICE will soon be greeted by their sister group. Because JYP Entertainment is launching a new girl group project.

According to multiple sources on the 14th, JYP’s new girl group is working on its final stage with the goal of making its debut early this year. The music video for their debut song has already been filmed, and their debut project contents will also be released sequentially. It is the first time in four years since TWICE debuted in 2015.

Among the members are Shin Ryu-jin, who was on JTBC’s “MixNine,” Hwang Ye-ji of SBS’s “The Fan,” and Lee Chae-ryung of Mnet’s “Sixteen.” All three of them received attention at each audition program for their “talent expectations.” Shin Ryu-jin ranked first among female trainees in “Mix Nine” with her versatile charm and Hwang Ye-ji was recognized for her star potential and was complimented for “the performance people cannot help but fall for” by Yoo Hee-yeol, a judge of “The Fan.” Lee Chae-ryung is expected to be working with her older sister, Lee Chae-yeon, who made her debut as a member of IZ*ONE. At the time of “Sixteen,” she attracted the attention of Park Jin Young with her confidence even at a young age of 14.

JYP, known for its success in Wonder Girls, miss A, and TWICE, is drawing attention as to what other success stories it will write. At the same time, BTS is also waiting for the debut of its younger brother group, drawing keen attention from fans around the world. People are curious to see what kind of concept the new girl group will have.

Sources: Naver

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