TWICE’s Sana apologized to ONCEs for the cancellation of their Malaysian concert


TWICE member Sana expressed her regret for the group’s cancelation of their Malaysian concert.

TWICE member Sana expressed her regret for the group’s cancelation of their Malaysian concert.

In the afternoon of July 28th, Sana posted on the group’s official Instagram saying, “To our dear Malaysian ONCEs, we have always wanted to go back to Malaysia, where we used to visit when we were trainees, for the first time since our debut to meet you guys, so we were very excited and looking forward to our concert. When we heard the sudden news of the concert being canceled, we were very surprised, too.

She added, “More than anyone, we want to send our apologies to our Malaysian ONCEs, who, until yesterday, had waited for us. And there are ONCEs from other countries who came all the way to Malaysia to see us, aren’t there? We are very sorry. I really wanted us to create our first beautiful memories and enjoy happiness together in Malaysia, but…

우리 말레이시아 원스 여러분 연습생때 왔었던 말레이시아에 꼭 언젠가 다시 오고 싶었는데 데뷔를 하고 이번에 트와이스로서는 처음으로 오게되어서 공연장에서 여러분을 만날 생각에 정말 설레고 기다려왔던 오늘이 어제 갑작스럽게 취소가 되어 저도 정말 너무 당황스러웠어요. 무엇보다 우리를 어제까지도 아마 나와 같은 마음으로 기다려주던 우리 말레이시아 원스들 너무 너무 미안해요… 다른 나라에서 우리 볼려고 말레이시아까지 와준 원스들도 있었죠? 미안해요… 원스들과 함께 말레이시아에서 우리의 첫 추억을 만들고 싶었고 정말 함께 행복하고 싶었는데… 이번에는 우리 트와이스 멤버들, 그리고 내일 보러와주실 원스여러분들한테 혹시나 안좋은 일이 생기지않게 안전을 제일로 생각하고 우리 모두를 위해서 결정이 된 일인거 이해 해주셨으면 너무 감사하겠고 조금이라도 빠른 날에 여러분들을 만날 수 있게 우리도 열심히 할게요! 원스 마음이 우리 마음인거 아시죠?? 다음에 만날 때 더더 행복한 시간, 추억 만들어드리겠다고 약속하겠습니다! 사랑하는 우리 말레이시아 원스들 다시한번 정말 미안하고 사랑해요 Saya sayang awak ㅜㅜ❤︎ TWICE SANA

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Sana promised to fans that other members and she would work harder to be able to meet their fans next time so that they could enjoy a happy time together and hoped the fans could understand their hearts. She ended the post by saying, “I would like to apologize to you, our beloved Malaysian ONCEs, once again. We love you Saya sayang awak ㅜㅜ?? TWICE SANA

On the other hand, TWICE’s upcoming concert in Malaysia is reported to have been canceled due to safety problems.

Sources: Naver

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