Twice’s multinational visuals made fans crazy

Sana – Tzuyu – Nayeon had an extraordinary beautiful moment when performing on the M! Countdown stage.

On October 29, Twice promoted the new album on Mnet’s M! Countdown. When performing the song Up No More, the 3 members Sana – Tzuyu – Na Yeon had a moment showing off their legendary visuals.

Twice appeared with classic and elegant black and white outfits and romantic beret hats. Sana – Tzuyu – Na Yeon were chosen for the performance’s opening scene, and they immediately impressed audiences. Sana shined with sparkling eyes and a straight nose, while Na Yeon was beautiful as a bright, radiant peach on stage. Despite being behind, Tzuyu still stood out thanks to her charming beauty and mysterious charisma. Three members with three distinct styles made netizens crazy.

Some comments on Korean forums: “What a visual shock”, “Tzuyu looks more mature than Sana and Nayeon”, “Such an unreal beauty”, “Everyone is so beautiful”, “Twice’s today stage is great, everyone is pretty”, “Sana is getting more and more beautiful”,…

The moment Sana and Tzuyu in the same frame also made fans admire. Both are outstanding visuals of Kpop 3rd generation, the dream models of Korean men. Sana – Tzuyu are the members representing Twice’s popularity. Besides, fans were also crazy about the visuals of each member.

Na Yeon owns the abundant and fresh expression

Tzuyu’s picturesque moment.

Sana’s expression and body curves are extremely attractive.

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