TWICE’s Momo reveals that she wants to collaborate with a “dancing machine” from SM

Appearing in the Video Call Event on June 21, the main dancer of the popular JYP girl group TWICE did not hesitate to confess her desire to collaborate with Hyoyeon (SNSD).  Specifically, when asked by fans who she wanted to dance collab with in the future, Momo answered that it was Hyoyeon.

Her answer did not surprise the fans because before that, Momo had many times expressed her admiration for Hyoyeon.  She once said that Hyoyeon’s performances are the inspiration for her to try harder as the main dancer.  In addition, Momo is also a loyal fan of the SNSD member, she has followed Hyoyeon for many years and has always silently supported her idol.

Besides, in 2020, Hyoyeon also revealed that Momo is the idol she wants to work with in the future.  She shared, “Momo (TWICE) would be a very good choice because her dancing lines are really amazing.”

SNSD’s main dancer has repeatedly expressed her interest in Momo. Hyoyeon once chose the TWICE member as the best dancer in the 3rd generation. In addition, in TWICE’s most recent comeback with the album “Taste Of Love”, Hyoyeon did not hesitate to express her love for her junior by pressing like on her recent Latin dance version of Alcohol-Free.

Source: K14