TWICE’s Jihyo shares unpleasant experiences after having LASIK surgery

Jihyo (TWICE) also did not recommend this kind of surgery and gave her reasons.

During a previous live broadcast, TWICE brought up the topic of LASIK laser eye surgery.  It is known that TWICE’s leader Jihyo had this surgery in 2017.

Immediately, Nayeon asked the leader about the side effects of this surgery.  She was worried that these effects would last for decades. 

twice jihyo

Nayeon soon received an answer from Jihyo, who had actually experienced this. And surprisingly, Jihyo advised everyone not to do this surgery. Explaining the reason, the leader of TWICE said: “l can feel the effects since my eyes became dry after getting the Lasik Surgery. I recommended the surgery after I had it, but I don’t recommend it now. Too dry.”

Nayeon and Sana were quite disappointed when they received an answer from Jihyo.  Both girls said they plan to have LASIK surgery next year.

Another problem of LASIK surgery that Nayeon had heard about was the inability to see sunlight! Jihyo’s eyes expanded instantly. After her operation, she, too, began to have difficulty seeing sunlight.

Source: KB

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