TWICE’s English version of ‘MORE & MORE’ made Korean netizens surprised

At 1pm on August 21 (KST), JYP uploaded the English version of the song ‘MORE & MORE’ performed by TWICE. In particular, although it doesn’t seem like JYP will promote it in the international market, the 9 girls’ single will still target the US market because it is released on the new songs releasing time of many American artists.

Before that, TWICE had a comeback with ‘MORE & MORE’ (Korean version) on June 1. Although it has had many digital and album sales achievements, in general Knet still does not appreciate this song. In particular, the controversy about TWICE’s singing ability recently has made Knet have a bad impression of ‘MORE & MORE’. 

Since JYP announced that TWICE will release an entirely English song, netizens have had many doubts about their singing ability. 

Many people think that they are not even good at singing Korean, they shouldn’t do it in English. However, after listening to the new version that was released yesterday, Knet completely changed their opinion.

Accordingly, many people think that they are quite surprised when the English version of ‘MORE & MORE’ is much better than the Korean version. Some people praised Mina and Jihyo’s vocals, while others agreed that Momo’s voice and Chaeyoung’s rap were much better in comparison with the Korean version.

Here are Knet’s comments about the English version of ‘MORE & MORE’:

– To be honest, I think the English version is much better than the Korean one.

– Momo’s voice in this version has improved. Chaeyeong’s part is also even better.

– Chaeyoung’s rap is not so weird anymore.

– Jihyo’s part is very good. 

– Wow, Momo’s part isn’t annoying at all. This version is much better than the original!

– The English version is much better than I thought!! Japanese members’ English singing is much better than Korean singing.

– I like Jihyo and Mina’s part.

– Actually, TWICE is singing the demo again because this song is composed by Western musician, right?

– I think because this song was composed by a foreign musician from the beginning, the original English version is surely better.

Sources: tinnhac

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