TWICE’s Live Performance on US TV Show: Can They Surpass BLACKPINK?

After releasing “Sunrise Moonlight,” TWICE keeps on going strong in the music industry with their new English single “Set Me Free.” Pursuing a feminist image and aiming high in the international market, TWICE brings a unique product compared to their previous works. To promote “Set Me Free” in the US, TWICE recently rocked the stage on Jimmy Fallon, marking the first time that the JYP girl group performed live on an US TV show.

As can be seen, the nine JYP girls put on an impressive performance, from their music to their choreography. Although some people have criticized their live singing skills in the past, on this show, TWICE showed their improved singing ability, with each member doing their part well and complementing each other. Jihyo, Mina, and Nayeon were three of the members who received a lot of praise after the Jimmy Fallon performance.


By focusing on the American market, TWICE is gradually changing their style to appeal to international audiences. Their modern, simplified, feminist image is highly regarded in terms of visual appeal. In addition, the elaborately choreographed stage created the most impressive performance ever. Although their digital achievements in Korea are not outstanding, the response from the international audience is very positive.

TWICE’s first Jimmy Fallon performance received a lot of praise from fans and was compared to their “rival” girl group, BLACKPINK. As two of the most prominent girl groups of their generation, BLACKPINK’s international reputation is slightly higher than that of TWICE, as the four YG girls have achieved global success. BLACKPINK has performed live on many American television shows and has always generated explosive media effects.

BLACKPINK Jimmy Kimmel

On their appearances on American television, BLACKPINK has always brought captivating moments with their addictive music, professional performances, and fashion-icon-worthy style. Although TWICE hasn’t had many opportunities to “compete” with BLACKPINK, with their recent release of “Set Me Free” and many more stages to come in the future, the group is gradually making a name for themselves in the American market and receiving positive feedback from audiences.

Here are some comments from fans:

  • The choreography was beautiful, and the stage was extremely well-invested.
  • The members are stunningly gorgeous. Jihyo’s beauty is perfect in every concept.
  • One thing is for sure, TWICE is really good at performing.
  • The performance was so much better than I expected, wow… The members truly understand their roles, and this song is even better than “Talk That Talk.”
  • Absolutely amazing!! TWICE is so good, and the music is great too!
  • The stage is great, better than I thought.
  • The stage is great, but the music is not good, it’s terrible.

Source: k14

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