TWICE’s Dahyun reveals her daily life: Eating alone at JYP cafeteria, walking her dog, and more

The first episode of Dahyun’s solo vlog series has been released.

The first video of “Dahyun-Free”, a vlog series showing the daily life of TWICE’s Dahyun during her days off, was released on May 18th through the lifestyle YouTube channel “Monotube”.

TWICE Dahyun

The “Dahyun-Free” series follows Dahyun, who returned to Seoul and enjoyed a sweet break shortly after TWICE successfully finished their Japanese concerts, as part of the 4th world tour. TWICE previously sold out Tokyo Dome for 3 days in a row and became the first K-pop girl group to do so. 

TWICE Dahyun

Following the teaser that was dropped on May 11th and received enthusiastic responses from fans, the first vlog posted on May 18th shows Dahyun filming herself at JYP building and having a walk along the Han River. In the first few minutes of the video, Dahyun went around JYP’s office building and showed fans her locker. She then had a fun mukbang while eating alone at the company’s cafeteria “JYP BOB” (JYP meal). In the next part, she went for a walk along the Han River with her puppy ​​Ari for the first time in a while. Fans can be comforted as they watch Dahyun’s overflowing affection for Ari, and their adorable moments together. 

TWICE Dahyun

In the rest of Dahyun’s vlog series that will be released every Wednesday, she will stop being a homebody by visiting famous places in Yongsan, challenging herself in creating her own back logo design, and enjoying her hobbies. Dahyun’s colorful daily life will be captured in detail, including her thoughts and feelings upon meeting domestic and international fans in-person in concerts after a long time not being able to do so, and her excitement in finding places she wanted to visit after searching about them on SNS.

TWICE Dahyun

Monotube said, “This will be a series that can answer fans’ curiosity about what idols with busy schedules do on their days off. Dahyun’s daily life during her break after a long time, her summer fashion, her taking you to hidden ‘hot spots’ in the city, will make you unable to take your eyes off the videos the entire time.”

TWICE Dahyun

Source: Daum

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