Twice, Wanna One and many artists shed tears at BTS’s speech

The words of BTS touched the heart of many people.

On the 14th of December, the MAMA ceremony in Hong Kong was attended by many famous singers, K-pop groups such as BTS, Twice, Wanna One, IZONE, Seventeen, Go7, Sun Mi, Chung Ha. At the show, BTS‘s speech at the “Artist of the Year” award was one of the highlights that received the most attention from the fans.

Recently, a fan cam recorded the reaction of the artists while BTS spoke on stage caught the attention of netizens. This video has nearly 700,000 views and thousands of comments.

In the video, the artists listened attentively to the sharing of BTS members. When J-Hope and Jin burst into tears about the difficulties BTS had experienced and almost to the point of disbanding in early 2018, many celebrities were stunned, gaping their mouth open. Seo Hee (Oh My Girl), Kang Daniel, Yoon Ji Sung, Park Ji Hoon, Park Woo Jin (Wanna One)

International netizens were very touched by this fan cam. Some fan comments: “I hope that BTS‘s speech at MAMA will help other idols who are under great pressure. After knowing that they had to overcome the struggles to get the big prize, that would definitely be a great comfort to the idols who think they are lonely in this tiring career. I would like to show respect to all groups, singers, their lives are not easy “; “Many artists were shocked to hear that Jin said that BTS almost disband at the beginning of the year”; “For all the artists, the most important thing that fans want is their happiness. We wish all of you who work hard despite the difficulties the best of luck”; “Wanna One is very distressed to hear the word disband because the rest of their days are so short. All the idols suffer from the pain of working in the Korean music industry.”

In addition, many comments also praised the personality of the Twice girls who were very respectful and showed attentive listening to BTS. In particular, Na Yeon‘s tears and Ji Hyo made the ARMY community felt the warm: “They cried when J-Hope and Jin spoke, and when they saw Tae Hyung crying like that, they were crying with us too. “; “Twice definitely understands the feeling of BTS as they were once a difficult group, were criticized and then steadily overcome all difficulties,” BTS fans commented. Currently, the recorded footage of Twice cry and congratulations to BTS has received more than 52,000 likes on Twitter.

Source: Tinnhac

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