TWICE talks about new album “READY TO BE”, teamwork, and plans for 2023 (group activities, world tour, etc.)

Famous K-pop girl group TWICE shared thoughts on the release of their 12th mini album “READY TO BE”.

On March 10th, TWICE held a Q&A session and personally introduced their new album “READY TO BE”, which will be released on all music sites at 2 p.m. on the same day.

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The album is described as showcasing the members’ strong determination to break free from the world’s expectations and prejudices and be their true selves. The title track of the album is “SET ME FREE” which conveys a message of determination to do anything to protect one’s emotions. TWICE also talked about the music video’s highlights, which feature the members’ expressions of their individual freedom. 


The girl group once again proved their strength in physical sales as “READY TO BE” surpassed 1.7 million pre-orders as of the 7th. TWICE is also preparing for their world tour, which will start in Seoul in April and visit 14 cities worldwide. The members expressed their excitement to meet their fans through the upcoming concerts.


Regarding fans’ anticipation for TWICE’s new look, which is cooler and more confident, to be shown through their 12th mini album “READY TO BE”, the members shared their expectations for the album and expressed their eagerness to show fans a new concept and performances. 


They specifically mention being excited for the title track “SET ME FREE” and the intro performance. Jihyo explained, “The song conveys a message about freeing oneself from everything that binds and loving freely.” Dahyun emphasized, “The existence that makes TWICE feel free is definitely ONCE (TWICE’s fandom)”.

The members revealed that they tried various genres such as retro pop, bossa nova, dance, ballad, and R&B in this new album, and the selection of the title track and b-side songs was a collective decision through voting. Adding that the English version of “SET ME FREE” is also included in the album, Mina shared, “I hope the English version can help us deliver the message and charm of the song to more fans around the world.” In addition, Dahyun talked about her role in writing the lyrics for two tracks, including “BLAME IT ON ME” and “CRAZY STUPID LOVE”. 


TWICE has released teaser content for their upcoming 12th mini album, arousing keen interest from fans. Fans are excited about the fresh and unique concept showcased in the opening trailer, concept photos, and music video teaser. Sharing their thoughts on the album production and the filming process, members Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Nayeon, Sana, and Mina said, “The music video features the members’ acting and free-spirited performances. Please look forward to it.”

The girls also expressed their joy about the success of their English single “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE” on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and ambitious goals for 2023, starting with the performance at the ‘Billboard Women in Music’ Awards. 

Named the Breakthrough Artist at the Billboard Women in Music Awards, TWICE made themselves the first K-pop girl group to receive this honor. The members expressed their gratitude to ONCEs for their support and for being their driving force. When asked why they think they are so well-loved by global K-pop fans, the members mentioned their music, performance, teamwork, positive energy, diverse music genres, and active album promotions.


Regarding the secret that has kept the nine members of TWICE close together for a long time, the members confessed that they understand and empathize with each other naturally because they have been through many things together. They also emphasized that all nine members are kind and likable, which helps maintain their bond.

Planning to show a new side of TWICE as a group, the girls also showed their expectations to perform solo or unit activities in the future. They recently held successful sold-out stadium concerts in the U.S. and are looking forward to meeting more fans through their upcoming world tour. The members were grateful for their fans’ support and promised to give back with great performances and positive energy.

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