TWICE shows the stunning visuals in the teaser but fans wonder what JYP design team is doing?

Once again, TWICE visuals were diminished by JYP’s design team.

At 0 o’clock on April 10 (local time), TWICE released a personal teaser for the “Fancy You” comeback with the appearance of 3 members: Jihyo, Sana, Mina. In the picture, all 3 members are showing ecstatic visuals, but perhaps what netizen is more interested in is the teaser background. The background makes viewers think of images of … dozens of years ago.

… Jihyo …
… and Mina are beautiful in teaser photos, but the backgrounds are said to be “outdated”.

In addition, the background was judged to be sketchy, not suitable for the name of the “Fancy You” for this comeback:

  • “Background destroyed the beautiful teaser photos of TWICE”.
  • “Since TWICE is so beautiful, the design team wants to make it worse?”.
  • “Better not have more backgrounds like this one”.
  • “Is the background trying to bring us back to the 90s of the last century?”.
  • “What’s the problem with JYP’s design team?”.

After a series of image errors, TWICE fans are losing the confidence in JYP’s design team. Is this the sketchy, lack of investment from the design team or the intention of this comeback topic?

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