TWICE has released a new Japanese MV with such a hot concept

After Kura Kura, TWICE has just released the second Japanese MV in 2021 with a somewhat stronger and more aggressive image.

At 0:00 on June 30 (local time), TWICE released the MV for the Japanese title song “Perfect World” in the 3rd full album of the same name.  This is the second product that the 9-member JYP girl group has released in Japan in 2021 after Kura Kura.

Perfect World also has content about love like Alcohol-Free, TWICE’s newly released Korean song.  However, it shows the side of a strong woman who never backs down from any difficulty.  The song has a fast-paced melody, showing the group’s new image.

In the MV, TWICE shows skillful choreography on the grand stage and below are many spectators enjoying the group’s performance.  The stands gradually became chaotic as the members gave flowers to viewers.  There were even two men fighting each other, leading to one being hospitalized.

Next, TWICE still performed passionately despite the stage’s equipment collapsing and burning while the audience was in turmoil when they saw the scene behind the stage.  To show a strong image, the group also has a set of hip-hop-inspired outfits that look so cool. 

TWICE celebrated their fourth debut anniversary in Japan (June 28, 2017) with a livestream to communicate with fans on June 28. The members expressed their joy and pride at having released three albums and eight singles in this market. They hope that the audience will continue to support the group and that they will be able to organise a concert shortly after a year of delay due to the pandemic.

Source: K14

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