TWICE performs ‘Yes Or Yes’ at Blue Dragon Film Awards: Opposite reaction from actors and actresses

There have been many times when idol groups came to perform at movie awards, yet they often witness the cold expression of the movies cast. This time, what is the reaction to the stage of TWICE?

On the evening of November 23th, the 39th Blue Dragon Film Awards ceremony took place at the Kyung Hee University Peace Palace. This is one of the most prestigious Korean film awards, so it has attracted the attention of many people who love Korean movies.

For the Kpop fans, all their attention goes to TWICE‘s performance. The JYP girls appeared on the stage of the Green Dragon Awards to perform their latest song “Yes Or Yes”. As always, the response of the top actors and actresses in front of the congratulatory stage of TWICE has quickly attracted the attention of fans and netizens.

During more than 4 minutes of TWICE performances, the expressions of the actors were recorded by the camera very clearly. What surprised the audience the most is the opposite reaction between the actor and actress. Actresses such as Kwon So Hyun, Han Ji Min, and Park Bo Young were extremely excited about TWICE‘s stage. They repeatedly clap their hands on the song with a very cheerful expression.

Meanwhile, most of the male actors have very cold, serious expressions during 4 minutes of TWICE performing “Yes Or Yes”. Some stars such as Kim Dong Wook, Joo Ji Hoon, and director Kim Yong Hwa all hold expressions very seriously while watching the girls perform, even seemingly not excited. This is the usual reaction of the actors when they watch the idol groups’ congratulatory stage at the film awards ceremony.

However, there is still a male star that netizens enjoy watching his extremely cute reaction, which is Yoo Ah In. Right from the start of the performance, Yoo Ah In was recorded by the camera with a very eager expression, even holding both hands as if praying and constantly nodding with the satisfaction of listening to the song.

By the end of the performance, Yoo Ah In was caught again by the camera. And this time, the actor also makes the audience laugh when his smile was extremely sweet and happy.

Many people say that Yoo Ah In is one of the rare actors who are extremely excited about the idol group stage. Also at the Blue Dragon Awards in 2015, Yoo Ah In was recorded by the camera excitedly nodded and sang the song “Heart Attack” by AOA.

Witness the opposition of the actors before the stage of TWICE, Korean netizens also left many mixed opinions. Many complimented Yoo Ah In’s warm response to TWICE‘s performance: “Lolol he seems very happy to see TWICE,” “Like a brother watching his little sister dance”,”It’s great that he reacts so warmly while others just stare at emotionlessness,” “Many other actors also need to learn how to react like Yoo Ah In, ….

On the other hand, some netizens expressed disappointment and even criticized the cold expressions of the actors in front of the TWICE stage. They argue that this is a disrespectful attitude to the performers onstage, indicating that the status is still a very obscure issue in Korean entertainment. “I really do not like the way the actors responded to the performance of the idols. For me, their expressions looked disrespectful.”At least please show me some reaction … The actor is a robot or something … Imagine you go to the stage where people just stare without any reaction … How would you feel … ” “Actors have always been that way, they are always cold as ice when they watch idols,” “There really is no reaction …”, “A little laughing and clapping is too hard, huh? “…

However, others say that not everyone is interested in that type of music, and that movie awards should not invite idol groups to perform because it does not fit the nature of the awards. “Everyone needs to understand that not everyone likes the cute stage, or even though they do like it, not everyone reacts the same way. They also did not say anything offensive or disrespectful to the idols so it’s fine”. “Most of the actors in these awards are in their 30s, 40s or even 50s. How can they be excited during this cute performance? “, ” I just wish they didn’t bring the idols to perform at the awards show for the cast. Not everyone loves watching idols, so the atmosphere is always very weird. “,” Could the drama of the idols be eliminated? “The atmosphere was always awkward, the actors were uncomfortable watching the show as well “.

What do you think about the reaction of the actors and actresses during TWICE‘s performance?

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