TWICE officially received PAK for “Yes or Yes”!

Congratulations to the JYP girls!

On November 11th, Twice officially achieved PAK for “Yes Or Yes” after 5 days of release. It is said that this is the song in the 6th mini-album of the JYP girls and is the fourth song of Twice to gain this achievement.

“Yes or Yes’ MV – TWICE

Before “Yes Or Yes”, Twice had three songs to hit this achievement: “Cheer Up”, “TT” and “Knock Knock”. In addition to the title song, Twice’s sixth mini album features five new songs including “Say You Love Me”, “Lalala”, “Young And Wild”, “Sunset”, “After Moon” and the Korean version of “BDZ”.

In addition to this achievement, Twice has also hit a new record as they became the girl group who gained 10 million and 20 million views fastest on Youtube. Besides, “Yes Or Yes” MV also helped Twice to enter top 10 videos with the highest view on Youtube after 24 hours with over 30 million views.

Congratulations again on the success that Twice has achieved in this comeback!

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