TWICE not only received Daesang in Korea, but also nominated for Daesang in Japan!

TWICE is also the only Korean artist  to be in top 10 candidates for “Song of the Year” at the top awards ceremony in Japan in 2018.

TWICE will receive the first title of a career awarded by “Japan Record Awards”, according to the latest announcement from JYP. The 60th annual ‘Japan Record Awards’ released its main recognition list for 2018. One record listed by the Japan Composer’s Association was TWICE’s 3rd Japanese single “Wake Me Up”, released in May of this year, has been chosen to receive the ‘Excellent Record Award’.

This means that TWICE will be competing with 9 other Japanese artists for “Song of the Year” at “Japan Record Awards” on December 30th.

TWICE ‘s 3rd Japanese single “Wake Me Up” released in May has been nominated by the Japan Composers’ Association as “Song of the Year”
“Wake Me Up” – TWICE

“Japan Record Awards” is one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in Japan, like “Grammy” of Japan, and is held annually to honor the outstanding achievements of the year by Japan Composer’s Association. The highest category of the award ceremony is “Song of the Year”. EXILE is currently holding a record of 4 wins in this category.

TWICE ‘s “Wake Me Up” is honored to be featured on the top ten list of nominees for the achievement: Double Platinum (over 500,000 copies sold).

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