TWICE Nayeon’s smile is praised by dentists: “Many people want to have bunny teeth like her”

TWICE Nayeon’s adorable bunny smile has recently received compliments from two dentists.

YouTube channel “AYO” recently uploaded a video featuring 2 dentists who have worked with many famous idols, dentist Park Hosan and dentist Esther. The 2 dentists share a lot about idols’ dental issues, such as the problems they face, the treatment methods, and cosmetic dental procedures that idols often undergo,…

In particular, dentist Esther read a comment about TWICE’s Nayeon: “Some idols look so charming with bunny teeth. I find idols with teeth like that adorable so I hope they won’t fix them. An example is Nayeon.”

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Dentist Park Hosan said, “Nayeon does not have perfect teeth, but there are some patients who have expressed their desire to have bunny teeth like her. Many people find such teeth a unique, natural and charming feature.”

Dentist Esther added, “I hope these beautiful features will continue to exist. I think these idols convey the message that: “It’s not that I have beautiful teeth, but I have teeth that suit me and I’m confident with my teeth, that’s what makes them beautiful.”

Everyone seems to fall in love with this smile
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