TWICE Nayeon amazed fans with her extraordinary fashion

Nayeon (TWICE) has just flaunted her unique fashion that got fans all amazed.

On September 3, several photos of Na Yeon and Chae Young were posted on TWICE’s official Instagram with no caption.

In the photos, Nayeon was sitting on Chae Young’s lap, and both of them gave off some poses that show their cheerful expressions. What caught the attention of fans was Na Yeon’s unexpected style. She wore a funky-style T-shirt with a cut-out part on the shoulder and a checked pattern tube top. Most surprisingly, Na Yeon wore her stockings on only one leg, attracting great attention from fans with her hip vibe and fatal charisma. Therefore, Na Yeon was praised for her fairy-like beauty and her extraordinary fashion.

Meanwhile, on June 11, Na Yeon’s group, TWICE, released their 10th mini-album, ‘Taste of Love’.

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