TWICE Mina: From innocent girl to super luxurious lady

The video of Mina glancing, hitting her hand to the music, made Onces ‘crazy’. 

Twice is one of the groups that attended The Fact Music Awards 2020 on December 12.  The video of Mina appearing at the event is a hot topic.  In the video, Mina appeared wearing a black suit, neatly tied hair.  The female idol bounced to dance to the rap of the song “I can’t stop me”, shaking her body while hitting her hand, extremely attractive.  The video received over 200,000 views after just a few hours of posting on Twitter.

What makes fans “crazy” is Mina’s charisma.  Japanese member looks extremely confident and seductive.  The moment of glancing at Mina is compared to a luxurious, powerful CEO.  The image of Mina’s “arrogant lady” is completely different from her usual gentle and elegant style, making fans believe that JYP has not fully exploited her potential.  In the past, Mina was always associated with the fragile lady style.  Since the promotion of I can’t stop me, the 1996-born female idol has increasingly shown many interesting aspects, her image becomes more confident and sexier. 

Fans compare today’s image of Mina and the image of the female idol in the suit in 2017. The same dress style, but the Japanese beauty has matured, more charming in temperament.  Fans hope that JYP will exploit Mina’s full potential because she is both suitable for the elegant style and the power concept as a young female CEO.

Some comments: “Her gaze drove me crazy”;  “Mina is getting more and more confident. Unexpectedly she would fit this style like that”;  “The stylist needs Mina to wear a lot of outfits like that, she’s the member that can do any concept”;  “Three years ago, she was gentle, 3 years later she becomes a noble lady”; …

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