TWICE member apologizes to a fellow male idol for an embarrassing incident

A story should be known by only the 22 members of TWICE and SEVENTEEN, now the whole world knows!

During a livestream on the evening of June 27, TWICE’s members, Momo and Nayeon, shared interesting anecdotes between the group and another “densely populated” male group, SEVENTEEN. The story was narrated first by a SEVENTEEN member, Boo Seungkwan.

In particular, Seungkwan shared, “We have a lot of activities overlapped with TWICE: Like OOH-AHH vs Mansae, Pretty U vs Cheer Up, Signal vs Don’t Wanna Cry, Likey vs Clap. In the era of Likey vs Clap, an embarrassing encounter happened. It was time for us to go to the waiting room and exchange albums. SEVENTEEN came to stand in front of the waiting room, and TWICE came out and we two exchanged albums. Because both groups overlap many times, so I joked: ‘What would it feel like if our companies discuss with each other and come out differently or in sync?’ I mean because the two groups’ promotion period overlap, so let the two companies talk to each other about the comeback schedule to see if we overlap again.”

Seungkwan continued about the members’ reactions, “Right after that, the atmosphere became strangely silent. Honestly, at that time, I wanted to die. Even the members of SEVENTEEN were like: ‘Huh  What’re you talking?’. To this day, I still remember Momo’s expression.  It has always become my obsession.  Now I still feel so embarrassed that I get goosebumps.  Really sorry”.

Seungkwan added, “Do you know what’s even more embarrassing? It’s that I’m the only one who remembers it. If there’s a TWICE member who still remembers that, I hope they know the meaning of my joke.  And if no one remembers, I hope you continue to not remember anything.”

Soon after, TWICE members responded to Seungkwan.  Specifically, Momo and Nayeon shared, “Actually, we still remember that. It was in Inkigayo. The two groups came to greet each other. Seungkwan suddenly said, ‘What would it feel like if our companies discuss with each other and come out differently or in sync?’.  TWICE and even the SEVENTEEN members were very surprised.  When we returned to the waiting room, we understood why Seungkwan said that.”

Momo also apologized to Seungkwan for this embarrassing moment, “I’m so sorry for making him obsess over this. I watched his video and shared it with the members because it was really funny.”

Source: K14

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