TWICE makes a beautiful appearance during the livestream for ‘Taste of Love’

On June 9, all 9 members of Twice appeared in the opening livestream for the promotion of the new album “Taste of Love”.

Tzuyu shows off her goddess-like beauty in the livestream.  On the Theqoo forum, the post praising the female idol’s visuals has garnered more than 14,000 views, proving Tzuyu’s great charm.

Fans praise JYP for helping Tzuyu find the right hair color, makeup style, and outfit that accentuated all of her strengths.  Twice’s maknae has a beauty that is both pure and seductive.

Mina just needs to sit and flip her hair gently, but she also exudes the aura of a haughty lady.

Na Yeon returned to the peak of her beauty with a fresh and radiant beauty like summer fruit.

Momo looks like a character from a Japanese manga with gentle side braids and big glittering eyes.

Ji Hyo has lost a lot of weight for this comeback and does not disappoint fans with her energetic visual.

Jeong Yeon is a bit quieter than before but still tries to make a comeback with Twice.  She is praised for being both “handsome” and pretty with short blond hair.


Da Hyun is beautiful with wavy curly hair and luxurious, gorgeous aura like a party queen.


Chae Young is adorable with a side bun and a series of funny and fresh expressions like a cartoon character.  She is Twice’s “fun vitamin” during the livestream.


Sana’s beauty is always enough to make fans go crazy every time she appears.  Her beauty is a combination of sexy and lovely beauty, even if she gains a little weight, she is still very pretty.

Source: ione

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