TWICE Jihyo to make solo debut in August

Jihyo will become the second member of her group, TWICE, to make a solo debut, following Nayeon. 

On midnight of June 8th (Korea time), the official Twitter of girl group TWICE published a teaser poster along with the caption “ZYO’s ZONE “Killin’ Me Good”, “Coming Soon This August”, and added the hashtag for member Jihyo


In the teaser poster, the words “KILLIN’ ME GOOD” were boldly displayed, while a glimpse of TWICE Jihyo can be seen through a car mirror. Despite only a part of her face being revealed, Jihyo still exuded an alluring and attractive aura that immediately grabbed attention.

According to information on the caption and the teaser poster, it seems that TWICE Jihyo will be making her solo debut in August 2023. With this, Jihyo will officially become the 2nd member of TWICE to debut solo, following Nayeon back in June 2022. 

On the other hand, Japanese members of TWICE, including Mina, Sana, and Momo, will be debuting as the sub-unit “MISAMO” in Japan in July. 

Source: Twitter

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