TWICE is considered “superior” to BLACKPINK but why are they always losing to the opponent on Youtube views?

TWICE may be better than BLACKPINK in album sales and on digital charts but has far fewer MV views than their competitors from YG Entertainment.

TWICE is expected to have an explosive comeback with “FANCY“, competing for the title “Kpop queen” with BLACKPINK. After nearly a day of coming back, the 9 girls have had good digital performance (no.1 on 7 Korean charts), however the group seem “out of breath” on the Youtube battlefield. They cannot break their own record of “the fastest MV to reach 10 million views” for MV “Yes or Yes“. After 24 hours, “FANCY” reached 39.8 million views, though having surpassed the old hit, they regretfully lost to the number of 56.7 million views of BLACKPINK with “Kill This Love“.

TWICE is considered “superior” to BLACKPINK but why are they always losing to the opponent on Youtube views?
“FANCY” MV helps TWICE beat their own record….
TWICE is considered “superior” to BLACKPINK but why are they always losing to the opponent on Youtube views?
…but couldn’t surpass that of BLACKPINK with “Kill This Love”.

This is not the first time TWICE lost to BLACKPINK on Youtube. The girls from JYP have not had any MVs hit 500 million views despite the number of songs overwhelming the YG group. In fact, in the album and digital music consumption segments, TWICE outperformed the YG female group but could not overcome the opponent in MV views despite the large fandom.

So what is the reason?

The reason that TWICE has fewer views than BLACKPINK on Youtube is said to be the distribution of fans of the two groups and how this community supports it. TWICE fans are mainly in Korea and Japan, and the international fans – who are supposed to do “view-mining” for them are not as crowded as BLACKPINK. Korean fans of TWICE tend to focus on streaming music so that the girls get high rankings in the digital charts in the country (the fact that TWICE could easily get a Perfect All-kill or that their new song “FANCY” quickly gets no.1 on many social charts are typical examples). Meanwhile Japanese fans still keep the habit of buying traditional hard disks. If they listen to music online, they prefer platforms like Line Music to watching Youtube.

TWICE is considered “superior” to BLACKPINK but why are they always losing to the opponent on Youtube views?
Once is concentrated mainly in Korea and Japan – two markets that have the power of digital music streaming and buying hard disks.

In contrast, BLACKPINK has an international fan base (mostly concentrated in Southeast Asia and America), more crowded than TWICE. The survey of countries “mining” for the 4 YG girls in the period of April 14-19 shows that most views on their Youtube come from this force. International fans do not have access to Korean digital music sites like Melon, Genie … or have the conditions to use Spotify, iTunes, and to them, Youtube is the easiest way to calculate the score for new songs.

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Also, TWICE comes back continuously so after nearly 4 years of operation, the group already had a lot of MVs in Korean and Japan. This makes it difficult for fans to “mine” the views because they cannot “abandon” any product. As for BLACKPINK, they only have 8 music videos so far, which makes it easier for fans to increase their views.

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They are idols in the 3rd generation who will make their fans fall for their voices.

Not to mention, BLACKPINK has few activities, every year they almost comeback only once so “plowing” views is considered the only way for BLINKs to support their idols. While TWICE always had a busy schedule, so fans of the group had to divide their forces to monitor the activities of the 9 girls, unable to focus on every Youtube MV.

Currently, in addition to album sales, digital music is also as important as Youtube views because it is a measure of the popularity of artists. TWICE may not win over BLACKPINK in this area, but compared to other girl groups, they are not at all inferior. TWICE is strong in album and digital sales, while BLACKPINK is “the queen” of YouTube also shows that each group has its own way, its own market and is dominating many important achievements, worthy of the top female Kpop group title.

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