TWICE has the achievement that ITZY, BLACKPINK, MAMAMOO couldn’t have in the past half year

Thanks to this achievement, we can see that TWICE’s music is trusted by the public.

Currently, the comeback of TWICE with the 7th mini album “FANCY YOU” including the title track “FANCY” is highly expected. Before the JYP’s girl group returns, the netizens discovered a great achievement of TWICE that no other girl group can do in the past 6 months.


TWICE ranked No.1 in Melon’s real-time, daily and weekly charts with the song “YES or YES” released last November. Many people are surprised to know this truth because ITZY, BLACKPINK or MAMAMOO have achieved good results but their highest ranking is just No.2.

“I thought BLACKPINK’s comeback was very successful so it would easily rank 1st but it turned out not so”.

“MAMAMOO’s digital music achievement was not good in the last comeback, Hwasa’s song topped the Melon chart but her group couldn’t”.

“Although the anti-fans always say TWICE has a boring concept, they are obviously the national girl group. Anyway, ITZY is just a rookie but their achievement was impressive.”

Thanks to this achievement, despite being criticized for the boring concept by some netizens, TWICE and their music still receive great support from the public thanks to the youthful images and the songs that convey meaningful messages and positive energy.

Twice at the backstage of the photoshoot for the comeback with “YES or YES”