TWICE danced enthusiastically despite the scorching sun making fans feel their compassion

The enthusiasm even for the rehearsal before performances of TWICE is receiving attention from netizens.

Recently, the fan cam recorded TWICE rehearsal for “Yes or Yes” at an event in early December has quickly received attention from netizens. The reason is that even though this is just a rehearsal and not an official performance, TWICE was focused and performed passionately. It was known that at that time, it was sunny and extremely hot, but TWICE rehearsed to the level of sweating, the faces of some members also became red because of the sun.

Some tired images of members having to rehearse under the hot sun.
TWICE has no signs of laziness even if it’s just a normal rehearsal.
TWICE rehearsed “Yes or Yes” at the event on December 1, 2018

At this event, TWICE had to perform 5 songs and therefore, the girls also had to rehearse 5 songs at the same time under the hot sun. That made the members extremely tired when they came to the last song “Yes or Yes”. However, TWICE still makes their fans very proud. Even though they have to rehearse in such hot conditions, the group still wholeheartedly performs professionally without any signs of laziness.

  • “I just took a picture of this screen and looked at Momo’s expression, looking at her I can feel as if she was in pain … I saw the comment, I saw that the temperature there was 31 degrees.”
  • “That day, the temperature was 31 degrees in Guam.”
  • “I am a fan of another group but I like TWICE. The girls will always be in my heart.”
  • “I am Once and if you want, let me tell you that they sang 5 songs on Guam. “Yes or Yes” is the 5th song and they sing 5 songs continuously. That’s why everyone looks tired like this, but even so, they still kept smiling. This is Jungyeon’s photo at this rehearsal. “

Sources: k14

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