TWICE celebrate their 5th anniversary with a special live event

On the 5th anniversary, Twice took the time to celebrate their remarkable run so far with a special live-stream event for fans.

At 22:20 PM on October 19 (KST), TWICE rang in the fifth anniversary of their debut with a special 5th Anniversary Live “WITH” event. TWICE and Once counted down to the time the group turned a new age on October 20. At that event, many interesting activities were held with a full range of emotions.

TWICE appeared on a stage that was beautifully set up as a rooftop. Purple light created aromantic nightlife space. At the beginning of the show, TWICE sent greetings to fans. However, the line up of the group had only 8 members that time.  Previously, JYP announced that Jeongyeon would be absent from all TWICE’s schedules for the time being due to anxiety issues.

After the greeting, TWICE took the opportunity to express gratitude to fans around the world for participating in 2 online concerts that TWICE recently held. Besides, TWICE also specially thanked Japanese fans for helping the group reach the 1st place on Oricon weekly chart with album # TWICE3.

In the first part of the event called “Small but precious stories”, the members shared with fans what they did that day. TWICE revealed many small but lovely stories. After that, everyone also shared their memorable and touching memories with their group members and fans. The most special part of the show was probably the exchange between TWICE and ONCE through a hashtag. With the hashtag titled “My story of falling into love with TWICE”, TWICE has found out a lot of interesting articles and content from fans. In particular, the members also carefully looked at each image, without missing any story. From the past photos to the touching moments of receiving the first award were all watched by TWICE. All of those brought a lot of special emotions to TWICE and fans.

Then TWICE performed 2 songs 21:29 and One In A Million. 2 meaningful songs made the atmosphere more warm and spread the joy of the anniversary to fans. After those performances, the members revealed each other’s strengths and weaknesses through the “rolling paper” activity. They are so close that even just reading the papers is enough to know who had wrote them.

Near the end of the live, the members took turns expressing their thoughts about the group during the past 5 years. Nayeon made a touching statement as she vowed to be friend with the other members for all of her life. Although growing up, not being together anymore, she would still respect them. And when she looked back, being a member of TWICE was definitely the best time in her life. Other members also shared about the family-like intimacy among the members. Some expressed deep gratitude to ONCE – the people who made TWICE today.

Next activity, Nayeon cut the birthday cake on behalf of the group. The cake had a picture of 9 girls on it.

Before the end of the program, TWICE did not forget to talk about their comeback products.Nayeon and Momo revealed the choreography and a part of the melody, that made fans excited about TWICE’s upcoming product released on October 26.

Last but not least, TWICE ended the event with 2 songs Sleep Tight, Good Night and Say Something.

TWICE will make a comeback on October 26 with the full album “Eyes Wide Open” and the title track “I Can’t Stop Me”.

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