TWICE, Black Pink, Red Velvet: When this group’s weaknesses are the others’ strengths

Let’s compare 3 new potential girlgroup generations of Kpop


TWICE: It is easily seen that, since TWICE’s debut, they have always been chasing young and cute styles. In their “Cheer Up”, “TT”, “Knock Knock”, “Signal”, and even the most recent “Likey”, TWICE’s characters are always cute and playful girls who are shy and embarrassed in front of boys.
It’s undeniable that, their cute and sweet concept has helped them successful a lot. However, this is also a difficulty that prevents them from going further. It seems that TWICE does not dare to have a breakthrough and to get out of their comfort zone though the audience expect them to. The continuously same songs made a lot of fans have digestion and wonder “until when TWICE will continue being cute?”

twice, MMA, Melon, 2017

Red Velvet: While TWICE is following a safe music genre and style, Red Velvet challenge themselves with many different styles. In most of their comebacks, Red Velvet refreshed themselves with a style that was unlike the previous one. They changed from bright and energetic in “Happiness” to luxurious and elegant in “Be Natural”, then unique and original in “Dumb Dumb”, and cute, pure in “Ice Cream Cake”. Furthermore, their style was also sad and obsessing in “One of These Nights”, playful, naughty in “Russian Roulette”, enthusiastic, passionate in “Rookie” and funny, cheerful in “Red Flavor”. The fact that a group chasing many different styles makes the audience excited and… annoyed at the same time.

Black Pink: Black Pink’s music style is probably the neutralization of TWICE and Red Velvet. Black Pink is not monotonous like TWICE nor changing rapidly like Red Velvet, instead, they are stable and flexibly changing. That’s a strong but girly combination. In some of their songs such as “Whistle”, “Boombayah”, “Playing With Fire” or “As If It’s Your Last”, the audience always see a unique but sweet and charming Black Pink.

Dominant music genres

TWICE: Up to now, most of TWICE’s theme song are pop genre focusing on catchy chorus and lyrics that are easily remembered, listened to and accepted nationally and internationally. Their “Like OOH-AHH”, “Cheer Up”, “Knock Knock”, and the most recent “Likey” were produced by Black Eyed Pilsung composer. Though TWICE’s music is assessed as old but their pop genre is never out-of-date, and their songs are always suitable with the taste of most of the contemporary audience.

blackpink, red relvet, twice, 2017

Red Velvet: Unlike the pop genre of TWICE, Red Velvet’s songs are mostly modern electro dance genre which is the tradition of SM. However, besides addictive songs at the 1st time such as “Ice Cream Cake”, “Russian Roullet”…, many other songs of the groups receive negative feedbacks from the audience. “Dumb Dumb”, “Rookie”… created messy feeling like they were combined by different melodies, which made listeners dizzy when they first listened to them. Red Velvet’s music is like a mixed hot pot with too many spices that not everyone can eat, so their audience is divided into 2 types: listen once and never listen again; or listen for many times and really like it.

Black Pink: Since their debut, Black Pink’s music has impressed listeners a lot. It’s a popular and friendly music genre which isn’t boring and still expresses their personalities. Their songs often have noisy melody with fast and strong speed together with YG’s signature hip hop. At the beginning, the audience were worried that Black Pink’s music would be same as 2NE1, their sister. Nevertheless, through the times, the girls have finally affirmed their own music style.

Live singing and performing abilities

TWICE: So far, TWICE has never been highly assessed for their singing abilities. Their MR Remove videos (without background music, only includes the real voice of the singer) have showed that many members, especially Sana and Momo, always sing in their weak nasal voices. Moreover, TWICE’s being continuously accused of lip sync on weekly music shows or music awards has affirmed that they are a group who has good appearance but lack of talent.

twice, MMA, Melon, cheer up, knock knock, 2017

Red Velvet: While TWICE receives a number of negative feedbacks due to their singing abilities, Red Velvet has got many compliments. If Wendy and Seulgi have amazing and strong voices that always surprise the listeners with their “live like a CD”, Joy is not worse with this sweet voice than can make anyone flirt. Though Irene and Yeri are not highly assessed as other members, recently, they efforts and progress have been recognized by the audience.

red relvet, concept, 2017

Black Pink: It’s not accidental to say Black Pink is the group whose members’ voices are all equal. When they perform on the stage or radio shows, all members sang stably and not differently from their studio version. Even Lisa, the group’s rapper, did a good job in her singing part.

YG, BLack Pink, 2017


At the moment, Black Pink’s music is assessed more highly than the other 2 groups. However, it’s still too early to conclude anything. Who knows, after receiving feedbacks from the audience, in their next songs, we will see a totally different TWICE. In terms of Red Velvet, during this period, SM is mainly focusing on the group activities, so the audience perhaps will witness a famous hit like the old “Glee” soon.
Anyways, TWICE, Black Pink and Red Velvet are contributing to the creation of a brand new appearance for the music style of 3rd generation female groups. In the future, these girls will surely bring more high quality music products to Kpop music lovers. Let’s stay tuned!

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