TWICE announced an unfortunate news right in front of their first online concert after a long time

Unfortunate news suddenly flew in that TWICE’s offline concert will have to cancel the Dec 24th night due to the time limit.

JYP Entertainment, TWICE’s agency, posted a new notice on its official website on Dec 16th regarding TWICE‘s upcoming offline concert.

TWICE's offline concert scheduled for Dec 24th

According to the announcement, TWICE‘s offline concert scheduled for Dec 24th has been canceled. This offline performance was scheduled to run for a total of three days from the 24th to the 26th. The Friday’s performance, which starts a little later than those in the weekend, has been decided to be canceled under the strengthened social distancing guidelines due to the continued spread of the pandemic. Starting on Dec 19th, the operating hours of the concert hall has been limited to 10 p.m.

JYP Entertainment said, “Therefore, the concert this time will be held only with offline performances on December 25-26th (Saturday-Sunday) and online performances on December 26th (Sunday) through Beyond LIVE,” adding, “We will do our best for the refund process. We sincerely apologize to everyone who has expected the offline performance of TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘iii’.”

TWICE's offline concert scheduled for Dec 24th

After hearing the news, many netizens, including TWICE fandom, said, “What about fans who have booked only the first show?” “I booked only the first show,” “Oh, my. What should fans do?” “Why did they cancel only the first show, if you want to cancel, cancel it all,” “How about pushing the performance time up so anyone who can go can attend? Is canceling the best way? “It’s such a bummer,” and “Everyone must have had a hard time getting tickets.”

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