TWICEʼs Makeup Artist Reveals The One Member Whose Skin Is So Flawless

According to TWICE’s makeup artist, this member doesn’t even need to use foundation during makeup.

TWICE members are famous for their beautiful faces, even if they only have their bared-faces on their off-days. However, among the 9 girls, there is a special one with flawless beautiful skin, and does not even need foundation when makeup.

Recently, TWICE’s makeup artist has made interesting revelations about the member with the best skin in the group. LULU Jia is one of TWICE’s main makeup artists. In a recent interview with ELLE Korea, she revealed that member Dahyun has such a perfect skin that foundation is not needed anymore.

Dahyun! For years, both the members and fans have nicknamed Dahyun “Tofu” (“Dubu” in Korean) because of her soft, pale, tofu-like skin. And thanks to the sharing of LULU Jia, people realize that Dahyun’s skin not only looks beautiful, but in fact it is inherently smooth and healthy.
In the ELLE interview, TWICEʼs makeup artist revealed that “Dahyun doesnʼt do base makeup [foundation. Instead, the team simply applies sunscreen to protect her skin, then applies her blush on top of that.”
If youʼve ever noticed how Dahyun typically wears cream-type blush, now you know why. The makeup artist went on to say that “cream blushes highlights Dahyunʼs natural flawless skin texture.”
She said: “Dahyunʼs complexion is so fair and unblemished. There is no color that doesnʼt suit her. But, the makeup team does like coral and peach tones on Dahyun the best, applying

it only to the apples of her cheeks to suit her cute image.”
In an interview earlier this year, Dahyun also revealed the secret to having flawless skin. The female idol said she does not pay much attention to skin-care products but drinks plenty of water and gets enough sleep. Besides, she said that mental health is also very important to skin. That is why she always tries to live an optimistic, happy life.

Dahyun shared on Allure: “I concentrate more on inner beauty because when I worry too much or think negatively, it shows through my skin. I try to be positive and calm all the time.”

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