TVXQ’s Yunho Was Accused Of Running Away From Police After Getting Caught At An Illegal Adult Entertainment Venue

 Yunho (DBSK) was reported to violate the social distancing rules, drinking past curfew at an illegally run adult entertainment establishment.

Tonight (March 12), exclusive news from MBC News Desk reported that Yunho (DBSK) tried to run away from the police when he was discovered violating curfew and social distancing rules.  Unlike the initial information that Yunho ate and drank overtime at a normal restaurant, MBC reported that the male idol actually drank alcohol at an adult entertainment facility operating illegally in Cheongdam-dong,  Gangnam, Seoul.

TVXQ’s Yunho Was Accused Of Running Away From Police After Getting Caught At An Illegal Adult Entertainment Venue

According to exclusive information, Yunho drank with 3 acquaintances and 1 female staff at this facility after 10 pm – curfew.  When the police entered this restaurant at 0 am on March 9, Yunho’s friends fought against the police to prolong the time and helped the male idol escape.  The police had to intimidate them by handcuffing and are currently considering whether to charge the individuals involved with obstruction of justice.

It is known that this entertainment facility is located on the 4th floor of a building, with no signs and opaque windows so outsiders cannot look into it.  MBC entered the business, and saw a long hallway, with several rooms flanking the hallway. Several women and other employees were seen walking around the business. Visitors were not allowed to enter the business unless they had a prior reservation. This place is registered as a general restaurant, but in fact, is operating illegally as an adult entertainment venue. 

The incident was reported by the press on March 9, Yunho was said to eat overtime at a friend’s restaurant.  Immediately after that, SM Entertainment and the leader of DBSK apologized for their careless behavior.  

In response to the report, SM Entertainment stated that while it is true Yunho failed to comply with the Coronavirus social distancing rules, he did not attempt to escape and there were no female employees present.

This is SM Entertainment.

Today, there was something reported regarding TVXQ’s Yunho that is different than the facts, so we would like to share our position on this matter.

It is a clear wrongdoing that Yunho failed to comply with the quarantine rules, and he is deeply reflecting on this. However, he did nothing else wrong, only violate the quarantine rules.

Yunho went to a place his friend told him about, after receiving a call from the friend that they wanted to talk to Yunho about their concerns. It was the first place he visited that day.

Yunho only spent time with his friends at the venue, and the allegation that there was a female employee sitting with them is not true at all. At the time of the police visit, there were only managers at the site to take payment, no female employees.

Also, Yunho never tried to escape during the police visit. He faithfully cooperated with the police and other related officials, and was sent home after having his identity verified. Some of his friends did not recognize the people visiting were police officers, as around a dozen plainclothes officers came to visit the venue. This is unrelated to Yunho’s presence at the venue.

We are sincerely sorry for the fact that news different from the truth was reported without any proper confirmation.

We will accept punishments and reprimands for our wrongdoings, but please refrain from making groundless speculation

SOURCES: k14, koreaboo


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