TV show host accused of drugging and raping, shocking CCTV footage was released

Following Kris Wu’s scandal, Qian Feng – Chinese Hunan TV’s host is shocking the public due to allegations of drugging and raping women.

The most shocking scandal today in the Chinese entertainment industry is Qian Feng – the famous host of Hunan TV being accused of drugging and raping by a woman. After Kris Wu, a series of celebrities’ sexual scandals have been exposed. Qian Feng’s actions are now shocking the public.

In her long post, Xiao Yi – the victim of Qian Feng’s sexual assault revealed the entire story of what happened in 2019. This post has caused netizens to be extremely angry. Xiao Yi mentioned that she had been living miserably for the past 2 years.

Xiao Yi also revealed that she had consulted with her friends working in legal. Considering the evidence that this girl has, this can be concluded as a rape case. She said that she has the videos, text and voice messages to use as evidence. Xiao Yi is expecting to work with the police to bring this case to light.

Xiao Yi also published pictures taken from CCTV footage. In the pictures, the girl who is said to be Xiao Yi seems to be unconscious and dragged away.

In addition, Xiao Yi also uploaded a screenshot of the conversation between her and Qian Feng. After the incident, he repeatedly sent 5,200 yuan to Xiao Yi as a Valentine’s gift as if he intended to “hide” the controversy.

Qian Geng was born in 1983, known as a Chinese actor, singer and host. He is best known when he became the host of the famous TV show Day Day Up.  Currently, he has not responded to the shocking sex allegations.

Hunan TV announced to temporarily suspend Qian Feng’s schedules

Hunan TV is willing to work with the involved departments to investigate the case. While waiting for the official results of the investigation, Hunan TV will temporarily suspend Qian Feng’s activities.

Qian Feng reportedly signed an agreement to keep the artist’s ethics with Hunan TV a week ago.

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