6 hours ago

    Kim Yoo Jung’s top-notch acting in the final episode of “Lovers of the Red Sky” left viewers amazed

    The emotional climax scene, when Kim Yoo Jung's character goes blind again in the finale of “Lovers of the Red…
    8 hours ago

    A woman is sent to hell in a live broadcast (ft. trailer of Netflix’s new thriller drama “Hellbound” starring Yoo Ah-in)

    The main trailer of Netflix's "Hellbound" has recently been released. 
    20 hours ago

    Jang Ki Yong and his 7 on-screen romantic partners: Im Soo Jung, Song Hye Kyo, and more

    It seems that the bigger age gap between Jang Ki Yong and his female co-stars, the more chemistry they have.
    13 hours ago

    “Squid Game” director confirmed the production team received a humble amount of money compared to its success

    Bringing in a huge amount of money for Netflix but did the "Squid Game" team receive what they deserve?
    13 hours ago

    Top 5 historical K-dramas with the most charming cross-dressing characters

    Not only attracting many viewers with interesting storylines, the following period Korean dramas also stand out for their gender-bender gags. 
    15 hours ago

    Historical blockbuster “Chun Hong Gi” sets its own record in viewership ratings with the last episode

    Although not too successful, Kim Yoo Jung's Hong Chun Gi also ended with a positive rating.
    17 hours ago

    “Penthouse” actress Kim So-yeon to star in “Tail of the Nine Taled season 2” along side Lee Dong-wook

    Kim So-yeon, who successfully shinedin the drama "Penthouse," will join the drama “Tail of the Nine Taled” as the new…
    19 hours ago

    The cast of “House of Cards” Korean remake posting their proof shots, filming might have finished

    The original Netflix Spanish series “House of Cards”, which has gained popularity worldwide, will soon have its Korean remake.  
    19 hours ago

    Child actors of “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” show their support to Kim Seon-ho on SNS

    While actor Kim Seon-ho is engaged in his controversy with his ex-girlfriend, the child actors of “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”…
    2 days ago

    Kim Bum and the journey of transformation through a variety of roles in Korean movies and TV

    Kim Bum is one of the most popular Korean actors. He has captured the hearts of many viewers with his…
    1 day ago

    The most iconic K-drama kisses that are related to food and drink

    These romantic “food kisses” on the Korean screen will definitely make you swoon! 
    2 days ago

    Jeon So-min will appear as a mistress in her new drama, a hot bed scene with Lee Sung-jae is coming

    Jeon So-min’s new drama, “Show Window: The Queen’s House”, heralds an unconventional love affair. 
      5 hours ago

      Gary and his son, Ha-oh, boasted their sweet moment together

      Gary released a photo taken with his son Ha-oh.
      7 hours ago

      “Squid Game” director Hwang Dong-hyuk responded boldly upon hearing LeBron didn’t like his drama’s ending

      Movie director Hwang Dong-hyuk talked back Lebron James, a top star of the U.S professional basketball, with brief and bold…
      7 hours ago

      A look into veteran actress Youn Yuh Jung’s boldest role as an elderly prostitute in “The Bacchus Lady”

      Youn Yuh Jung once created a stir in the film industry when she took on the role of a senior…
      8 hours ago

      A Youtuber shared her memorable meeting with Kim Seon-ho on a show, “He was the first celebrity to come to my waiting room”

      While the disclosure of Kim Seon-ho's ex claiming she was forced to get an abortion by the actor has been…
      12 hours ago

      The dark side of Kpop training: Bullying, discrimination and sexual coercion

      Many disturbing stories showing the dark side of Korea’s entertainment industry continue to be unveiled. 
      1 day ago

      Whether they’re Kim Seon-ho’s allies or enemies… Some people are trying to cover up his faults

      Although the person who was directly involved in the controversy already apologized, the surrounding people are getting even more enthusiastic…


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