49 mins ago

    7 K-dramas to watch if you are in the mood for weeping 

    These Korean dramas are certified tearjerkers. 
    12 hours ago

    Kim Sae Ron to drop out of upcoming drama “Trolley” after DUI incident 

    Kim Sae Ron apologizes for DUI and announces her departure from “Trolley”. 
    2 weeks ago

    5 K-drama villains that stole the spotlight from main characters (ft. Kim Ji Won, Han So Hee, and more)

    These K-dramas female antagonists may be cunning, but they are drop-dead gorgeous. 
    2 weeks ago

    The not-so-successful career of a K-drama actor from YG Entertainment

    As a grim reaper in the new K-drama “Tomorrow”, actor Lee Soo Hyuk is said to have outshined the male…
    2 weeks ago

    The director of “Woori the Virgin” reveals his position on the controversy over the female lead actress overlap

    “Woori the Virgin” director Jeong Jeong-hwa expressed his thoughts on the controversy over having the main cast actress overlap with…
    2 weeks ago

    3 talented female directors who made the success of historical K-dramas 

    These 3 successful historical dramas all happen to be directed by women. 
    2 weeks ago

    The lineup of 4 high-quality movies to premiere in theaters starting next week 

    Below are 4 movies that moviegoers are looking forward to enjoying on the big screen in May.
    2 weeks ago

    Kim Ji Won’s newest co-star in “My Liberation Notes” looks shabby on screen, but is a total heart-flutter in real life

    The male lead of new K-drama “My Liberation Notes” is not exactly shining with visuals, but the actor behind him…
    2 weeks ago

    Paired up with younger male co-stars, these 3 top actresses ended up in K-dramas with underwhelming ratings and reviews 

    Despite their huge popularity and charm, K-dramas led by these 3 actresses aren’t always considered hits. 
      5 hours ago

      The cast of “Dong Yi” after 12 years: Leading actresses struggling in their love lives, Lee Kwang Soo happily dating, but the most successful is the child actress?

      It has been over a decade since the legendary historical series “Dong Yi” aired its last episodes, and ever since,…
      11 hours ago

      The ‘parallel’ between best friends Kim Sae Ron and Lizzy’s DUI incidents give netizens goosebumps 

      BFFs Kim Sae Ron and Lizzy happen to be caught drunk driving on the same day in different years. 
      12 hours ago

      “The scale can make us lose our sense of reality“… Rain – Kim Tae-hee selected as No.1 in “celebrities who flex expensive real estate”

      Mnet’s “TMI NEWS SHOW” drew attention by unveiling the list of stars with the most expensive real estate. In particular,…
      13 hours ago

      Yoo Jae Suk mentioned his wife Na Kyung Eun and expressed regret over this one thing on “You Quiz”

      Yoo Jae Suk said he could have been the husband of a manager at MBC. 
      14 hours ago

      Once hailed as “world’s most beautiful woman”, this talented idol-actress was once canceled for her visuals

      This Korean idol-actress managed to top worldwide beauty ranking charts multiple times. 


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