“Trust and watch” Red Velvet, reunited with “Knowing Bros” – recording today (26th)

Red velvet, Knowing Bros
According to a person from the broadcasting company, Red Velvet has recorded JTBC “Knowing Bros” on 26th.

The relationship between Red Velvet and “Knowing Bros” is deep. Red Velvet’s member Seulgi, Wendy, Joy and Yeri first appeared on “Knowing Bros” in April 2016 and untill now that episode is still called the legendary episode of “Knowing Bros”.

In June of the same year, Irene participated in the recording of “Knowing Bros” and in July of last year they returned to the program with full members.

It is anticipated that the meeting of Red Velvet and “Knowing Bros” after 1 year will create another legendary episode filled with laughter.

Knowing Bros” with Red Velvet will be broadcast on August 4th.

Sources: mydaily

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