TREASURE Doyoung has been confirmed positive for Covid-19

This information made TREASURE and Doyoung fans worried. Hope the male idol will recover soon!

The Covid pandemic is a serious problem in Korea right now, with more infections being reported every day. The pandemic impact on Kpop is also significant. Recently, a number of Kpop idols tested positive for Covid and had to be quarantined after coming in contact with infected persons such as Chungha, Lovelyz Jisoo, Seventeen…

Recently, Doyoung (TREASURE) has also been confirmed positive for Covid-19. Immediately, the male idol’s management company, YG Entertainment, said, “Doyoung, a member of the boy group TREASURE, was diagnosed with COVID-19 after being tested on July 12.”

In addition, the remaining members have all tested negative and are self-quarantined according to the instructions of the agency. The group will suspend all activities in the near future.

Source: Twitter

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