“Trash Everywhere on Set” K-Drama Led by Top Actors Apologizes for Negligence During Filming

The production team of the upcoming drama “Tell Me That You Love Me” has addressed the controversy over abandoned trash.

The production team of “Tell Me That You Love Me” issued a statement on June 1st that reads, “We sincerely apologize to the local citizens who cooperated with the filming but felt discomfort and concern due to the trash left behind during the shoot.

Tell Me That You Love Me

They continued, “After the end of the shoot on the same day, we immediately checked for any negligence in the cleanup process and ensured that trash was not left unattended during the filming. We will take preventive measures in advance and thoroughly clean up the surroundings to prevent a recurrence of the same incident.”

Earlier on the same day, on a Korean online community, a netizen made a post calling out the filming team of “Tell Me That You Love Me” for discarding trash and not cleaning up after filming. 

Tell Me That You Love Me

In response, the production team acknowledged the shortcomings in the site cleanup and expressed their apologies.

Recently, clashes have frequently occurred due to insufficient consideration for residents near drama filming locations.

On April 26th, around 3 a.m. KST, in Changsin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, during the filming of the drama “Diva of the Deserted Island,”  starring Park Eun Bin, a brick thrown by an individual hit a female staff member in her 20s. Fortunately, there were no life-threatening injuries, but the staff member reportedly had to receive treatment at a hospital.

During the police investigation, the individual admitted to their wrongdoing, stating, “I got irritated by the light and noise that occurred during the filming. I couldn’t sleep.

Meanwhile, “Tell Me That You Love Me” depicts the fateful story of Cha Jin Woo (Jung Woo Sung), a hearing-impaired man accustomed to expressing emotions through drawings, and Jung Mo Eun (Shin Hyun Been), who expresses her heart through her voice. 

It is a healing melodrama. Anticipation is high as it marks the long-awaited drama comeback of Jung Woo Sung after 10 years since JTBC’s “Padam Padam” and Shin Hyun Been, who received much love through last year’s JTBC drama “Reborn Rich.”

Source: Wikitree. 

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