Trainee rumored to join survival show “R U Next?” boasts stunning visuals

A trainee of Belift Lab, a joint venture of HYBE and CJ ENM, is rumored to be a participant of upcoming show “R U Next?”

Recently, it is rumored that Minju, a trainee of Belift Lab, the joint venture of HYBE Labels and CJ ENM, will be joining the upcoming survival show “R U Next?”. 


In the past, the name “Minju” was banned for fan use on Weverse, raising suspicions. In particular, banned names of Weverse are often because they coincide with artists’ names, leading to speculations that Minju will become an artist.

Meanwhile, Minju was born in 2005, and her pre-debut photos received a lot of praise. In particular, the female trainee boasts sharp facial features, with large eyes, a tall nose bridge, and heart-shaped lips. As a result, many are expecting to see her, showing interest in “R U Next?”.


On the other hand, “R U Next?” is a survival show which aims to select members for the next girl group of HYBE and CJ ENM. Trainees who debut via the show will be managed by Belift Lab – which is known for managing boy group ENHYPEN. 

“R U Next?” recently released its teaser posters and videos, and will be simultaneously broadcast on JTBC and Japan’s Abema TV starting from June 30th. It will also be globally distributed through HYBE Labels’ YouTube channel and available for rewatch through platforms like Netflix.

Source: K Crush

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