TOP’s nephew went to Manila to attend Seungri’s concert

The image of the lovely kid – TOP’s nephew at Seungri’s concert in Manila caused many fans to shock.

While BIGBANG‘s 4 members are joining the military, the youngest brother Seungri is still working hard for his solo career. By his own sweat and tears, “Teddy Seo” is proving to fans that the attraction comes from the name Seungri. And recently “The Great Seungri Tour 2019” took place in many famous countries.

On January 19, Seungri‘s concert officially took place at SM Mall of Asia Arena, attracting thousands of fans across Asia. Seungri performed his best and did not forget to thank his BIGBANG brothers. Especially with T.O.P, the big brother. When VIP mentioned about T.O.P, Seungri said, ” T.O.P is very strong right now, he will come back soon”.

The answer received enthusiastic applause from the crowd of fans, and when the camera turned around in the audience seats, people were suddenly startled by the appearance of a lovely chubby boy, looks exactly like ” T.O.P “. Looking closely, they realized that it was Yeonjun, T.O.P‘s nephew.

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“I’m here to support Seungri.”
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“You’re wrong, I’m not TOP, i’m Yeonjun”.

Yeonjun is the son of T.O.P’s sister, this young boy has “occupied” social networks for quite a long time while constantly appearing on T.O.P‘s personal page. Whenever with Yeon Jun, T.O.Pseems to turn into another person, he does not hesitate to do everything to play with the boy. The look of the male rapper every time he looks at his nephew is always filled with love, completely different from his cold-looking.

2 years ago, the lovely nephew also attended BIGBANG‘s O.TO.10 concert and did not forget to bring a giant light-stick. Yeonjun‘s image really caused “a storm” to the online community.

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Yeon Jun went to see his uncle sing at the 2016 BIGBANG concert.

And today, when his uncle is in the army, the nephew came to support member BIGBANG‘s concert personally. Yeonjun was much chubbier than before, and looked exactly like his uncle was in the past. Even a small movement on the face still very similar like T.O.P’s.

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People have found and compared the boy with a photo of TOP in the past.

As soon as the image was shared, many fans left a comment expressing a surprised feeling from the boy’s undeniable cuteness, “looks exactly like T.O.Pof yesterday”. Perhaps because he wanted to send his most sincere love to his youngest brother, T.O.P personally “sent” his nephew to Seungri‘s concert in Manila.

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The boy has grown-up and also very mischievous!

Indeed, the appearance of his cute nephew in the stands at Seungri‘s concert has partly proved the love and cohesion that BIGBANG members always have for each other. Do you find this kid adorable? Looks pretty much like his uncle, right? Let us know how you feel right now.

Source: Yannews

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