Top actor who recently publicized his romantic relationship reveals cute childhood photos

Actor Lee Jong Suk, who is publicly dating singer-actress IU, released his childhood photos in celebration of Children’s Day.

On May 5th, Lee Jong Suk posted three pictures on his Instagram account with the short caption “Ah. It was fun that day”.

The photos show Lee Jong Suk’s baby appearance full of cuteness and lovely charms.

He wore a yellow hat and looked at the camera with an innocent expression. His red cheeks and plump lips caught the eyes of fans and netizens.

In another photo, little Lee Jong Suk is seen lying down on the grass and turning his head around to stare at the camera with a bright smile.


Dressed in blue and orange outfits, he drew admiration with his cute charms.

Lee Jong Suk, who was around 2 years old in the last picture, was lying down on the bed with his arms open. He looked at the camera with pure and harmless eyes.

In response to Lee Jong Suk’s childhood appearance, netizens commented, “I think his parents must have been very happy when raising him”, “He must have been a very nice and obedient son”, “He grew up looking just the same”, etc.

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk and IU confirmed their romantic relationship on December 31st last year, and have been publicly dating since then.

The couple received compliments from the public as each of them reportedly donated 100 million won to celebrate Children’s Day this year.

Source: Insight

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