Top 8 most awkward kisses in Korean dramas that make viewers cringe

Besides the sweet and passionate kisses, Korean dramas also feature many awkward and emotionless kissing scenes that disappoint the audiences.

Korean dramas often take viewers from one surprise to another with unique “recipes” for kissing scenes, such as the classic milk foam kiss, bus kiss, or wine kiss. However, there are also many times when Korean actors make viewers cringe because of their lacking or excessive performance when filming kissing scenes.

 1. Heartstrings

Park Shin Hye is always ranked among the most stiff actresses of Korean dramas because of her awkward acting. Park Shin Hye’s kissing scene in Heartstrings is one of the most memorable scenes for the viewers, but not in a good way. Instead, it’s because of her overly innocent expression. In Heartstrings, the actor Jung Yong Hwa always initiated the kiss while the only thing the actress had to do was stand still like a wooden statue.

 2. Boys Over Flowers

Perhaps because it is labeled a teen drama, the emotional scenes of Boys Over Flowers often last for a short time. The kissing scenes between Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun are considered to completely “ruin the mood” because they end before the viewers could feel anything.

3. More Than Blue

Although Lee Bo Young and Lee Bum Soo have never disappointed the audience with their top acting ability, the couple’s passionate tongue kiss in More Than Blue made viewers “cringe” because it looks quite vulgar and not aesthetic.

4. Blood

The couple Goo Hye Sun – Ahn Jae Hyun always receive complaints from the viewers because of their equally awkward acting. Although they got married thanks to starring together in Blood, looking at the way they kissed in the drama, no one could believe they had ever loved each other passionately in real life.

k-drama kiss

5. Dream High

Similar to ‘Boys Over Flowers’, ‘Dream High’ also made viewers lose interest because of the short kiss between Taecyeon and Suzy. Even the acting of Taecyeon was commented on as stiff, emotionless and his body was like a statue.

k-drama kiss

6. Iris 2

Perhaps because he was so focused that Jang Hyuk gave the beautiful Lee Da Hae a kiss that looked like a vacuum cleaner. This extremely “embarrassing” kiss scene has become a famous meme for a while.

k-drama kiss

7. Entourage

Seo Kang Joon once played a very awkward kiss scene in ‘Entourage’. When he gave his senior a hot kiss, instead of excitement, the audience laughed and suspected that Seo Kang Joon really couldn’t kiss.

k-drama kiss

Korean netizens also compared the kiss scene of Seo Kang Joon with the scene of eating a sexy watermelon before

8. Miss Korea

k-drama kiss

Lee Sun Kyun had the kiss of a lifetime with co-star Lee Yeon Hee in ‘Miss Korea’. Because, looking at Lee Yeon Hee’s battle-like expression, viewers guessed that the beauty was not happy with Lee Sun Kyun’s kiss.

Source: K14

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