Top 6 leading female visuals of Kpop new generation

6 faces are coming from aespa, (G)I-DLE, ITZY, IZONE… – Kpop’s new generation girl groups are receiving attention and love from the public.

1. Miyeon

Miyeon was once opposed by other members of (G) I-DLE

Mi Yeon has a beautiful and harmonious face, with a delicate and gentle look, reminiscent of famous actresses like Han Ga In, Shim Eun Ha…

The member of (G) I-DLE looked strange with flat bangs. Fans are also excited to discover that Mi Yeon used to have the famous green glasses

The high nose and beautiful mouth are the most prominent features on Mi Yeon’s face.  The female idol always exudes a dignified and elegant look in every moment on stage.

2. Jang Won Young (IZONE)

Jang Won Young has a beautiful appearance, graceful and lovely expression like a little princess.

The strong point of the female idol born in 2004 is her face and aura that match with bright idol-like makeup.  However, many people think that Jang Won Young is only good-looking, cute, and has not reached the level of a real “beauty”.

3. Arin (Oh My Girl)

Arin recently is a trendy idol in Korea. She is famous for her pure, innocent appearance, with the aura of the “first love”.

Arin has fair skin, pure eyes, and a bright smile.  These are all features that suit the taste of Korean audiences.

4. Karina (aespa)

aespa’s Karina is also named in the top hot visuals in Kpop.  The female idol has a unique beauty, an oval-shaped face like a quail egg, sharp slanted eyes, and a “graphic” high nose.

However, there are also comments that Karina can hardly be compared with other idols on this list.  She is said to have had plastic surgery.  The beauty of SM’s idol also doesn’t really match the taste of the majority of the audience.  Karina also has to rely heavily on makeup and photoshop.

5. Yuna (ITZY)

Since her debut, Yuna has always been named at the top of the new generation Kpop visuals thanks to her vivid beauty and outstanding facial features.  Yuna’s “mermaid” red-haired concept is a legend.

Yuna’s aura is becoming more and more luxurious.  She is a role model that is both young, beautiful, and trendy.  The ITZY member is greatly admired by Gen Z fans.

6. Min Joo (IZONE)

Min Joo also possesses the same delicate aura as Mi Yeon, but the female idol has a sad and innocent look thanks to her characteristic big eyes.

Min Joo (IZONE)

Puffy lips make the female idol look more haughty.

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