Top 6 best Korean TV series on OTT platforms in 2021 as voted by 200 industry insiders

Industry professionals have recently selected the best Korean shows broadcast through OTT services in 2021.

To celebrate its 17th anniversary, Joy News 24 – a famous entertainment and business media outlet conducted a survey with 200 industry insiders and asked them to vote for the most excellent dramas, movies, actors, singers and entertainment programs in 2021. After announcing the most voted K-dramas, the list of most favorite TV series on OTT platforms was also revealed recently. 

(OTT is a streaming service that provides TV or film content via the Internet. Currently, the most popular OTT services in Korea are Netflix, Tving, Kakao TV, …)

1. Squid Game

With its global impact, being the most trending Korean show on Netflix, it is not surprising for Squid Game to top this ranking with an overwhelming total of 120 votes. Squid Game depicts the story of participants in a mysterious survival game with a tempting prize of 45.6 billion won, risking their lives to become the ultimate winner.

Netflix K-Dramas
Netflix K-Dramas

 2. D.P.  

Also produced and distributed by Netflix, D.P. received 39 votes and took second place in the ranking. D.P. exposes the brutal and realistic dark sides of South Korea’s military: Regulations on compulsory military service for all young men and serious problems that have been deeply ingrained in the military culture, management and operation system.

Netflix K-Dramas
Netflix K-Dramas

3. Transit Love

Aired on Tving and ranked 3rd place with a total of 15 votes, Transit Love is a dating reality show that brings together individuals who have been in relationships, experienced breakups or divorces.

Netflix K-Dramas

4. Yumi’s Cells

Despite earning low ratings when broadcast on TV, Yumi’s Cell (aired simultaneously on tvN and Tving) ranks 4th place with 8 votes. The webtoon-based drama revolves around the daily life of Yumi (Kim Go Eun) as she falls in love and experiences the ups and downs of different romantic relationships before getting a happy ending. 

Netflix K-Dramas

5. Kingdom: Ashin of the North

With 8 votes, Jeon Ji Hyun‘s Kingdom: Ashin of the North enters the ranking in 5th place. This special episode of Netflix hit series Kingdom is a sidequel to introduce the character Ashin before Kingdom season 3 officially kicks off.

6. My Name

Another Netflix original series made into the ranking. My Name is an action thriller starring Han So Hee as the female lead about a feisty young woman’s journey to avenge her father’s death.


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